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After putting it off for far too long, I finally decided to upgrade my camera gear and purchased a Canon 5D Mark II. The Pentax gave me four-plus years of solid dependability, but I was starting to feel hampered by its limitations. In addition to the 5D Mark II, I also picked up 16-35mm and 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses. The slower Pentax lenses drove me crazy in low light situations, so it’s nice to have something that can handle even the most difficult lighting. The price was painfully steep, but the quality is unparalleled and I don’t anticipate upgrading for a long time.

Despite having gone to college in the Twin Cities and living there from 2006-2008, I’d never done a thorough photowalk of Minneapolis. Most of my photography was limited to peripheral industrial areas, abandoned buildings and other weird, seldom-photographed parts of the Cities. When I was back there last week for a wedding and found myself with lots of time to kill, I decided to give the new camera a test drive in downtown Minnapolis.
First stop was Riverside Plaza (aka Little Somalia), a low-income housing complex and a great example of architectural brutalism. I didn’t linger as some residents were giving me the stink eye. The 70-200mm isn’t exactly subtle.
Next up was Nicollet Island and the Hennepin Avenue Bridge
hennepin bridge

grain belt beer

Detail of the Guthrie Theater

tennessee williams
Giant portrait of Tennessee Williams on the outside of the theater.
Wandering down 2nd Street towards downtown.

urban canyon



After about four miles of wandering, I headed back to the Stone Arch Bridge and waited for the sun to set. Just as the sun started sinking and the sky turned pink, about six photographers showed up, including a wedding photographer with her clients. It’s a cliche shot, but it’s the best angle of the Minneapolis skyline.
stone arch bridge
On my way home I stopped at the 24th Street pedestrian overpass for a different approach to the Minneapolis nightscape.
stone arch bridge


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